Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Aren't these the cutest? These are white chocolate eggs. They're hollow, so we can fill them up with Easter treats. These are filled with jelly beans! And the little Easter critters are fondant. I just love these! :)

Easter is almost here!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love making cute little treats with bunnies and flowers and chicks! :) It seems like the official "goodbye" to winter and the cold and the days with no sun. Easter seems like a good time for renewal and change. I've always thought that Spring is when people should really make resolutions! It's just fitting.
We have lots of Easter treats posted on our website. We can individually wrap cookies so you can add them to your child's basket, or you can drop us off items you'd like included and we can handle the whole thing! Also new this year are one cupcake containers (like the clear one in front of this basket), so we can add cupcakes to baskets as well. They're super cute!
Enjoy the season!!!

Cake Competition

On March 7th, we competed in our first live cake competition at the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show. It was such a cool experience. Decorating in front of a crowd is definitely different! We placed 3rd, which I am happy with. We were very proud that we finished our cake in time! The contest was judged by Mary Alice and Geof of Ace of Cakes, so it was also cool to be able to meet them. They are an entertaining bunch!
And a special thank you to my daughter, Chelsey, who acted as my assistant...not an easy job! :)