Thursday, October 28, 2010

Redesigning Website

I think this could be a record. Three straights days of posts! Look at me go! :)

I wanted to clarify some changes you will be seeing on the website. I'm adding some pricing information just to help clarify pricing issues for newer customers. Due to the custom nature of my work, pricing is one of the most difficult things that I deal with. I'm hoping that by adding some more detailed information, it will help customers with an estimate and also to know what's in or not in their budgets.

It does NOT mean that you have to choose a cake on my site, that you can't make changes, etc. I can still customize every cake, and actually prefer to! But I'm hoping the changes will cut down on the confusion.

We're also still looking for the perfect retail spot, so if anyone has a lead on a wonderful building, please contact me! In the meantime, my hubby is doing a great job of stocking up on things we're going to need once we do open. He found a great deal on these two bakers racks, which will bring us up to four. Four of these will hold ALOT of cookies and cupcakes!

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