Monday, September 19, 2011

Long time, no post!

I sincerely apologize for how behind I've gotten with updating the website and the blog!  This is a busy time of year with specialty cakes and wedding cakes, plus we're attempting to get the shop in Westerville opened by the end of October.  And of course, I have my beautiful new granddaughter, Emma, who requires lots of snuggle time with her grandma!  But I'll save my excuses and get onto the cakes!

This was a unique one for me.  Generally I make "cute" cakes, so to make something look more realistic and fierce was a challenge for me.  My wonderful daughter, Chelsey, helped alot with sculpting and painting various pieces on this one.  Everything on the entire cake is edible, including the dice and the figurine.

We also did an adorable "baby album" cake for this past weekend, with cupcakes to match.

And some Lego cupcakes....

We've also been doing some experimenting with new cupcake flavors for the shop, but I'll save those for another post!  And of course, I can't go without giving everyone an Emma update!  My adorable granddaughter is doing fantastic!  She's up to 6lbs, 9ozs, and we are so proud of our big girl!  She is SUCH a joy to have around!!!!!

Have a great week!!!!!

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