Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduations Galore!

It is definitely that time of year!  Lots of graduations, lots of different school colors.  But first, a picture of a wedding cake I did for my nephew Aarron last weekend.  He renewed his wedding vows on the beach by Lake Michigan in Muskegon, so of course, we had to do a cake with tons of white chocolate shells to fit the theme!

And on to the'll be seeing plenty of these over the next few weeks!  :)

Also, our Hilliard Farmers Market will be starting in just over a week.  The first one is June 7th, and we'll have them every Tuesday from 4 to 7pm.  We'd love to see you there, so stop by if you get a chance! 

Have a great weekend.  The first one in - I don't even know how long! - without rain!  What a treat!!!

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