Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guitar Cake

I met the coolest family today.  My hubby and I delivered this guitar cake, along with matching cupcakes, to the nicest people I've met in awhile.  Seriously...they were so awesome, we just wanted to hang around for the rest of the day!  :)  I'm sure they would've loved that...nothing like your cake decorator mooching dinner off you, right?! 

And I think they were really happy with how the cake came out.  I made it to match the dad's guitar, as it's his 60th birthday.  Here's a couple of shots of it....(and please pardon the poor shots...Arnie used the camera last and he always changes the settings on me.  I never know until I upload them!  Ugh!!!)

The music is printed on wafer paper, so technically its edible too...although no one would seriously want to try it.  Not exactly tasty stuff!

And the six dozen cupcakes to match.  They chose great flavors:  white almond sour cream with buttercream icing, spice cake with cream cheese icing, and chocolate with chocolate ganache icing (my favorite besides banana). 

Well, tomorrow is my hubby's birthday.  And I desperately need to start getting my stuff together for our first farmers market on Tuesday.  So wish me luck!  :)

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