Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was shocked to realize that I haven't posted a picture of this cake yet!  I have to be honest...this one was really a challenge.  My customer sent me quite a few images of figures that her son had built out of Legos that she wanted incorporated onto the cake.  Her son also loves weapons, so I needed to include as many of those as possible.  As much as I absolutely LOVE it when a customer lets me run with a design, it can sometimes be a little stressful, only because I want to make sure I create something that they are truly going to love.  She seemed really happy with this one, so hopefully I pulled it off!  :)

My mom came down from Michigan a few weeks ago for a visit.  First time I've seen her since Thanksgiving, as her and her husband travel in their RV during the winter months.  (How cool would that be?!)  It's rare to have all of together in one place at the same time, so I just have to include this picture.  :)  From left to right:  my beautiful mother, who I inspire to be like as I age, my daughter Chelsey who is almost 19, me (age not open for discussion), and my daughter Tessa, who just turned 20.

We are so busy getting through the graduation season.  And next week Tuesday starts the annual Hilliard Farmer's Market!  I sure hope to see many of you there!!!!

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