Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Week

We have been soooo busy this past week.  Not only did I have alot of cake orders, but we've been remodeling our kitchen all week.  You can imagine the chaos that causes!  But the cakes came out good and the kitchen is coming along, so life is good!

First I'm going to sneak in a couple more "in progress" pictures of my kitchen!  We have everything done except countertops.  We've decided to tile the counters, and having never done that before, it's proving to be a bit more time consuming than we thought.  Actually, tiling itself really isn't's cutting the tile, and finding a decent tool that will actually cut it properly.  Poor Arnie is off at Home Depot again, hoping to find a better tool (which is why I have a minute to blog!). 

And we have our first little section of tile down.  Now, it can't be grouted for 24 hours, so this is just the base backsplash, no edging, no grout....i.e. no fancy stuff.  But I love the color of the tile and how natural it is!

I'm just so excited to get it all finished!  :)

Okay, on to cakes.  This was one of my favorites this week.  I've done versions of this cake before, but not with the Valentine's Day colors, which I really loved!

I've also done a version of the sock monkey cake, but I really love the colors that Kayla decided on for this, plus the little birthday hat on the sock monkey, which was also Kayla's idea! 

And cookies that will be shipped out tomorrow to Wisconsin.  They are the logo from a musical that the kids are putting on at school.

Oops...almost forgot the big Nike shoe for Jimmy's 13th birthday!

Well, I'm sure Arnie will be back soon, and then its back to work for me!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that tile is BEAUTIFUL. I'm trying very hard not to envy. (But its not working.)