Sunday, November 14, 2010

AVA Walk - Bucyrus, Ohio

Last year, my mom found the coolest organization. They're called the American Volkssport Association. It's essentially an independent walking club. The AVA members map out walking routes all over the country that are normally either 5K or 10K. You can pick up the directions at a designated location and enjoy a beautiful walk that will normally take you through some very interesting areas.

Yesterday, my hubby and I did our 18th AVA walk. Well, I guess it was MY 18th AVA walk. He goes on almost every walk with me, but I have done a few with my mom. We've done AVA walks here in Ohio, but also on vacation in Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky! After Christmas, we plan on doing one in Savannah, Georgia that should be gorgeous. We try to do about one a week, although that will be really hard with winter settling in! :(

So, yesterday we went on an AVA walk to Bucyrus, Ohio. My hubby stopped at a cupcake shop that he knew of on the way to pick us up a treat. The owners of the cupcake shop also build monuments (yes, like cemetary stones), and the businesses are housed in the same building. So the name of the cupcake shop is.....

Somebody definitely has a cool sense of humor!  We bought two cupcakes and they were pretty good too!

Bucyrus is a relatively small town, but the walk was really cool.  They have a couple beautiful murals that take up the entire side of two buildings.  The detail is absolutely AMAZING!  It was worth the hour and a half drive just to see them!

Yes, my hubby is trying to take the newspaper from that poor little boy!
And yes, my hubby forced me to pet that dog!  :)
And this is the most gorgeous mural I have ever seen.  Every single face of the soldiers are different and they're all in different war period attire. 
So anyways, that was our adventure yesterday!  We have done so many of these walks.  It just saddens me that I never thought to take any pics before.  We've seen some really interesting places this way.  And if anyone would like any information about AVA, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.  Their website is  They do have a list of available walks on their site.  Currently there are over 1800 walks through the United States!

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