Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookie A Day

One of my fellow cookie enthusiasts on Flickr has challenged those of us insane enough to take on the project to complete at least one cookie per day for a year.  I'm not sure about the year part, but my goal is to go through Christmas.  Today is my first day, so I tried out one of my new cutters from Ecrandal, the cake slice.

I'm really excited about this project.  There are always cookies that I want to try that I never seem to get an order for.  There are so many ideas rolling around in my head, its actually a little frightening!

Yesterday started out with an hour long yoga class at the gym.  Since I quit smoking (four months now, yay me!), I've put on about ten pounds that I'd like to see vanish, so yoga has gone from one time per week up to three times per week!  I normally like to exercise in the evening, but I have to admit, I forgot how exhilarating a morning class can be!

From there (after a shower), we headed to German Village.  German Village is my VERY favorite part of Columbus.  The homes and businesses are all brick, there are tons of original brick roads and just has a charm that is totally unbeatable.

Two of our favorite places in German Village are right next to each other.  The Book Loft is the coolest bookstore you'll ever find.  It has 32 rooms of books.  And the rooms are odd shaped..some may have been closets...the whole store is like a maze.  I love it there.  And we always stop into our favorite coffee shop which is right next door...Cup of Joe.  Its a great place to pick up a wonderful dessert too.

We also grabbed some lunch at the Mohawk Restaurant.....all I can say is WOW!  My hubby had their bratwurst sandwich, and from the speed with which he devoured it and the moaning that went along with it, I would say it was a gooood sandwich.  I had the vegetarian black bean burger, and it was absolutely delicious! 

Tune in tomorrow for Cookie, Day 2.....hopefully......

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