Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Special Woman

Two weeks ago, I made a birthday cake for a woman turning 91.  That alone was something special.  But when I went to deliver the cake, I was told a little about her life.  Harriet was a member of the very first female unit of the Marines!  How impressive is that?!  She enlisted in 1942, after receiving her college degree (also unique for that time).  Although she could've enlisted as an officer, she didn't want that advantage and was instead enlisted as a first sergeant.  I felt so very honored to create her birthday cake, and I really hope she loved it!

I also did some cookies for a baby shower a couple of weeks ago that shipped to Kentucky.  These are my favorite baby cookies in a long time.  I love the colors they chose for the shower!  The pictures aren't the greatest, unfortunately, but you'll get the idea.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!  Its supposed to be a beautiful 60 degrees here today, so we are definitely getting out for a nice long walk to enjoy the sunshine!


tmcc4 said...

O these are beautiful!!!! I just bought the onesie..i cant wait to a newbie to cookie decorating...all of your cakes and cookies are phenomenal!!!

Brenda's Cakes said...

Hi Mandy! Thank you so much! Be will be a total cookie-addict before you know it! :)