Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've had a ton of questions on where I order supplies, especially boxes, bags, etc for cookies.  Because I'm an actual business, alot of what I order is wholesale, but my wholesaler doesn't always carry exactly what I like.  So I thought I'd list a few of the places where I shop regularly and can recommend.

I love using these clear topped cookie boxes for smaller gift sets of cookies.  The presentation is just awesome.  And there are so many can use them plain, you can line the boxes with tissue paper (as shown above), you can fill them with shredded paper, or line your cookies up in paper cups, which I haven't tried yet.  Alot of mine I order wholesale, but I also buy them online at Nashville Wraps.  My favorite size is the 10x7x2.  They can be kind of hard to find with all the boxes and packaging they offer, so here's a direct link to my faves:

When I individually wrap cookies, I use cello bags.  I go through a ton of them, especially when it's the season for the farmers market.  Again, I buy alot of mine wholesale, but if I do go retail, I definitely order these from Nashville Wraps as well.  I've had alot of questions regarding sizes, but that totally depends on what size cookies you're creating.  I always have a huge variety of sizes of cellos available to choose from.

I absolutely love these kraft style boxes as well.  I keep a variety of sizes on hand, along with cupcake inserts to match the box sizes.  I often use these for cookies as well.  If I'm shipping a small amount of cookies, I'll nestle them in a box like this with my company sticker on it, then package that in a larger shipping box.  It works great.  I get these at BRP Boxshop.   They have great service, deliver very quickly, and shipping is free!  You have to order these by the case, usually by 50 or 100, but I go through so many, it's not an issue for me.  Also, you can pay $10 shipping and order any 5 boxes they have, so you can give them a trial run before ordering.

And of course, cookie cutters!  Below is a list of my very favorite cookie cutter suppliers:

Copper Gifts
Foose Cutters

And if you're looking for some awesome tutorials on how to do cookies, you just have to visit The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.  She does such a fantastic job of sharing information in a way that's easy to follow and understand.

I also purchased a 12" impulse sealer quite a few months ago.  It seals cello bags and helps keep cookies fresh.  I use it mainly when shipping cookies.  When I started researching, most of the places that carried them were asking around $125 for them.  I wasn't willing to make that large of an investment.  I went to Ebay and found a seller there that sells them for around $45, including shipping!  For some reason, I can't put a link to the seller, but if you go to Ebay and type in "impulse sealer", you should be able to find a good deal!

As far as decorating supplies, there are TONS of online places to shop.  And of course, you can always support your local cake decorating store.  The one thing I stay as far away from as possible is Wilton cake supplies.  One, I feel their product is inferior to others.  I've had terrible problems with their parchment bags bursting, their decorating tips rusting, and their pans warping.  But mainly, I dislike that Wilton has most of their products made in China.  I am a good ol' American girl who tries as hard as possible to support her own country, especially in times of economic uncertainty such as these.  While your job may not depend on buying American made products, your neighbor's might. 

I think that's it!  All my favorite places to shop in one post...not bad!  Unfortunately for my husband, now I'm in the mood to shop!!!  :)


Jenny said...

I got the sealer last Christmas, and I LOVE IT. Sometimes I keep it out for days and just seal things. I love the smell of it, everything. You can bet that if I make something for the teacher tomorrow, I am gonna seal it. :-)

Sarah said...

Thank you for the info on the sealer! I think that will be my next purchase! :)