Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Change of Location?

I've been offered a very interesting opportunity, to combine resources with an existing bakery in the Clintonville area.  If I decide to do this, I'll be working out of that location from now on.  I would love some input from my existing customers, future customers...well, anyone really!  :)  Would Clintonville be more/less convenient for you as far as pick up?  I know it's a long haul for many of you to get out here to me, although I sincerely appreciate that you've been willing to drive so far!  Another advantage would be the retail location...we'd actually have items for sale individually, so you can pick up one or two or a few cupcakes or cookies, a slice of cheesecake, that type of thing. 

I would really love any feedback you'd be willing to share!  Feel free to comment here or email me directly at brenscakes@yahoo.com

Since I'm still recovering from this never-ending cold, I haven't been spending alot of time in the kitchen.  Okay, NO time in the kitchen.  But it seems long overdue to post a pic or two, so here's a couple from Valentine's last year.  We're digging into the archives!  :)

I sent these to my daughter when she was in her advanced military training.  I figured she'd love to see any pattern other than camoflauge!

These were mailed down to the grandkids last year:

I love Valentine's Day goodies.  They're so fun to create.  While I haven't been doing any actual work, I do have plans for some really cool cookie sets for this year, so maybe by next week I'll have a NEW picture or two!  :)

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS -- I LOVE the pink and black Valentine cookies. They are incredible and such a great color combination!! WOW!

SweetSugarBelle said...

Bren!!!! How did I ever miss the pink and black ones! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!