Wednesday, January 5, 2011

St. Augustine, Florida

We spent New Year's in St. Augustine, FL.  It is such a gorgeous town!  They still had lights up from Christmas, so it was just gorgeous in the evenings!

Normally, once we head to St. Augustine, it's kind of "our" vacation time.  But we did decide that since the grandkids are getting older, we'd bring them down just for the day, so they could enjoy a change of scenery as well.  While Arnie took the two older ones to a living history museum (more fun than it sounds!), Grace and I toured town in our rented stroller, charming everyone that went by.  (Okay, more Grace than me!)

We also made a stop to the new cake shop in town.  The name of the shop is "Sugared Bliss", which I love!  The owner was very nice, and her prices are way too reasonable!  $2.00 for a huge cookie.  I hope she raises her prices soon.  She makes THE best snickerdoodle Arnie or I have ever had.

I really love her decor, as well.  We visit alot of bakeries, cupcake shops, cake shops, etc in our travels, and I just don't care for the overly "cute" type of place.  Personally, I love the earth tones and simple elegance...a man would be comfortable sitting down to get a cup of coffee here without feeling like all of his testosterone is seeping out! 

We also passed by "Luli's" cupcake shop.  I did go in and get a cup of coffee but didn't get a cupcake.  I got one last time I was there and remember it as being pretty good.  But I'm trying to watch my calories a little, so I'm holding out for excellent!

Arnie and I are still trying to recover from our trip.  One thing you forget about when you don't have small children around anymore...germs!  Arnie and I are never sick...its an extremely rare thing.  We both came home sick as dogs.  All three grandkids had runny noses and coughs, and I think they aimed them in our direction every time.  :)

Tomorrow we'll do Chattanooga, very favorite place!  I seriously plan on living there someday!  :)


SweetSugarBelle said...

Bren! Ive missed you. Overly busy as are on my blog. I used a photo hoping you woulding mind but it links to you! Looks like you had so much fun!!!

Bea said...

Not having a cuppie requires willpower, Bren! That and working out is what has you in such good shape... love to read about your trip! Your grandchildren are sweet...