Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Okay, a few days late but better late than never.  I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's!  We certainly did.  We spent ours in St. Augustine, FL, enjoying the 74 degree day, so we have nothing to complain about.

And, we're just back from a week long vacation.  So you know what that means, right?  Yup, the dreaded vacation photos!  I'll only post a few a day, so hopefully you won't be run down with boredom!  :)

The first place we stopped on our way down was Savannah, GA.  We spent two nights there....NOT enough time to enjoy Savannah!  We did the Historic AVA walk, which is voted one of the top ten in the country, and we can totally see why.  Here's a few shots from our walk...

Savannah's historic area is made up of all of these "squares", which are really, really cool.  They have a ton of parks in the center of the squares, each with different sculptures, fountains, etc.  And people really utilize them.  It was so nice to see so many people out, enjoying the parks, spending time with family.  It was a little cold (in the 40's) but at least the sun was shining!

After our AVA walk, we did a walking Food Tour.  We did one of those in Lexington, KY on our last vacation and are now convinced that every time we go to a new town, we're going to see if there's one available.  On this one, we got to eat in Paula Dean's restuarant (we got to choose one item from the buffet to try...I had the mac n' cheese, which was amazing...my hubby had the pulled pork, also amazing..and I am NOT a buffet eater!).  I was entirely too busy stuffing my face to take pics of any of the restaurants we stopped to though, so I am a little bummed about that.

But we did come across this neat cake shop on one of the side streets.  She's only open by appointment only, so we didn't get to try anything, but it's a neat looking shop!

Well, off to catch up on phone calls, emails, bills, etc.  Tomorrow I'll post a few pictures from Florida and a few of the grandkids, of course!  :)

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