Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun Week

I love weeks like this, when all the cakes have a fun theme!  This is for one of my favorite customers.  He brews his own beer and collects beer glasses, so this should be perfect for him.

I thought it might be fun to make Jeff a set of matching cookies, so I came up with these:

And Krista ordered a treasure chest cake for Kholton's 3rd birthday, which I loved doing!!!  Everything on it is edible...the gems and coins are made of chocolate!

Also had a platter of cookies for an insurance agency this week:

And I think that about wraps up this week!  It's been a nice surprise to have January busier than it normally is, although I did still have to break down and get my tax information done.  :(  I think tomorrow we'll get some Valentine's Day pictures's only two weeks away!  Enjoy your weekend!!!


faithy, the baker said...

Now how did i miss the chess box cake on flickr?! I saw all your photos but not the chestbox one! all of them are amazing!

Anonymous said...

That treasure chest cake is SO well executed! Very clean and sharp, I love it. And I love your gold coloring on the bottlecap cookies. And you car cookies. LOVE THEM. The shading on the windows are great!

Brenda's Cakes said...

Thank you both sooo much! :)