Friday, December 3, 2010

Cookie-a-Day - Day 19

I ordered this cutter from Ecrandal (fantastic cutters!) awhile ago and haven't used it yet.  I had a totally different plan for this cookie, but it changed and kinda took on a life of its own.  I never use pink in a Christmas cookie, but it seemed to work with this design.

So, my youngest daughter has always been a bit of a baker.  She's been trying out alot of new recipes for the Christmas season this year.  It has been so nice to eat cookies that I didn't have to make!

This is Chelsey:  (I know, incredibly gorgeous!)

She text me Wednesday evening to tell me that she was trying out a new recipe.  White chocolate pumpkin cookies.  Had I seen that recipe, I would've thought "gross" and moved on.  But she likes to try the different combinations.  It was 10 o'clock at night, and as soon as my cookie pig of a husband (said with love and affection, of course!)  found out she was baking, he headed over to pick up some samples!  LOL!  Gotta love that man.  But hey, it was sooo worth him making the trip....they are amazing!!!!!

She is an incredible baker.   She's also an artist.  I really need to get a piping bag in that girl's hand!  She would do amazing things!  :)


Haniela said...

THis cookie is so gorgeous. I need that cutter too, It looks great.

Such a sweet story, they look yummy.

Alison said...

wow! How did I miss that cookie!! AMAZING! You're on a roll!!