Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Seems like this is pink week at Brenda's Cakes!  :) 

I had an active morning already.  My daughter met me at the garden center at 9am to get our Christmas tree picked out, then followed me home to get it put up.  My hubby is hunting, so we were on our own this year...we did pretty good.  :)  The tree is straight, there aren't any of the same colored lights by each other (my husband's pet peeve!), and its in a location that no one is going to trip over it, hopefully.

And of course, I have to post cookie day 20!  I'm so happy I made it so many days without too many mistakes!  :)

Also, I ran across a great find yesterday.  I found this set of mini cookie cutters at KMart for $2.99.  There are 20 cutters in the package, and they are seriously cute.  What do you think...maybe I should pick up a couple of packs for a giveaway?  It is the season, after all!

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