Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cookie Jar Shopping

Another minimalist way to decorate gingerbread cookies.  Arnie will go so far as to pick off every little dot, but I like a little icing with my cookie!  These little round ones remind me of my dad.  He always LOVED gingersnaps.  He'd dunk them in milk, dunk them in his coffee, or just munch on them.  I should make him some for Christmas!

I had the strangest realization yesterday when I was putting away Arnie's gingerbread cookies.  I don't own a cookie jar.  Seriously, I don't own a cookie jar!  I thought I did...I thought I had a Christmas one, but if I did, its evading me.  I do find it troubling though...I am a Grandma, after all.  What kind of Grandma will I be without a cookie jar?  So, definitely a situation I need to rectify immediately!  I looked on Ebay...lots and lots of cookie jars, but most of them are vintage and a little more (or alot more) than I want to pay.  I have to keep in mind that I tend to be a bit clumsy, so vintage is probably not a good idea.  I did find a couple of really cute ones on Amazon though....

This is the first one that caught my eye, but now, looking at it again, it kind of reminds me of an urn.  Probably not what I need to be reminded of when reaching for a cookie!

But I really like both of these.  I tend to like more simple, clean designs, and these both fit the bill.

I'm tore between the two, the main difference I want to see the cookies?  I like the idea of the glass one so I can see how many I have left.  But seeing them may also make them more tempting to snack on, so its a dilema.  What do you think?  Decisions, decisions....

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Haniela said...

I love them all, but my favorite is the last one, i love the font.
Beautiful cookies!