Friday, July 8, 2011

All Aboard!

Just in case you were wondering if we did anything other than visit bakeries on our vacation, here's the proof that yes, we did.  On Saturday, we took the Tennessee Railroad from Chattanooga to Chickamauga, GA.  It was about a 2-1/2 hour train ride each way, with an hour and a half layover to check out the small town of Chickamauga. 

We had really high hopes for the train ride.  It sounded like soooo much fun.  Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as well as we expected.  First, we stopped for an hour for them to fix one of the women's bathrooms.  It seemed a bit unnecessary, as there were other restrooms available and they could've worked on it while we were stopped in GA.  Add to that too many unhappy children and unpleasant scenery, and it just wasn't what we had anticipated.  However, when we're on vacation, we try to keep a good attitude, so we definitely didn't let it ruin our day.

Once we stopped in Chickamauga, we decided to find some lunch.  We ate at a barbecue place (my hubby LOVES barbecue..we ate alot of it on vacation, which is a fair trade off for all the bakery stops!).  The food was really fantastic.  I loved my smoked chicken, and we also had fried green tomatoes that were the best I've ever had.  And it was a really cute place too.

And then, on to the bakeries!  :)  The first place I was really excited was called Cakes & Coffee.  I only took one picture of the cute outside, as when we walked in, we realized it was more of a gift shop than anything else.  They did have one full cake, a few cupcakes, and a pot of homemade coffee, but that was it.  Not much of a cake shop.

Luckily, across the street was a place called the Chocolate Cafe.  How could anybody resist going in there?  Somehow, I didn't get a picture of the outside, but the inside was exactly what I have always pictured my own shop would look like.  It had beautiful brick walls and hardwood floors.  In the backroom, there was a large fireplace and an outdoor patio. 

Cute, right?  Almost exactly what I would look for in a shop.  While I really like the "cute" cupcake shops, I'm always drawn to the more natural elements, like brick and wood. 

From here, we made the two hour train ride back to Chattanooga, giving a huge sigh of relief as we exited the train!  :)

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Ya'' take the best vacys!!!