Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And More Progress.....

I'm a little late in posting these.  I went back in Monday and put in another nine hour day of painting.  It's far from done, but at least there is color on the walls!  (I looks a little like mint chocolate chip ice cream at the moment, but I do have a plan!)

The floors seem to be giving us more trouble than anything.  We found cement underneath the carpet, which is actually great, but the carpet was glued to the cement, so we need to remove all the adhesive.  That job definitely falls into Arnie's department, as it involves nasty chemicals and I tend to be a clumsy gal!  :)

I thought it might be nice if I actually posted a cake picture or two as well.  Just in case you thought I forgot how to do that!  :)  Cake and cookies for one of my best customers, Beth....

And last but certainly not least, my customer Amy sent me this photo.  I did cupcakes for her a couple of weeks ago, and she always comes up with the greatest ways to display them.  She made this adorable cake stand to put them on.  Isn't it great?!

Okay, well, for me its back to work.  I have paperwork to file and walls to paint.  :) 

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