Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a great week!

Isn't it nice when you can say you had a great week at work?!  That's definitely what I had.  My orders this week were all so much fun to work on.  AND - we found a great retail location in Westerville that we are sooo excited about!  It's not 100% yet - we have to check on some zoning issues - but if that works out, we'll be going retail!!!!

My first order for this week was for a great customer, Amy.  She always comes up with such fun things for her sons' birthdays.  The hats on these were made out of white chocolate, so they are totally edible.

I also had an order for Emily's 14th birthday.  She's a big fan of the Cake Boss, so I'm hoping that I managed to live up to her expectations.  The cheetah print is hand painted.

This one still needs to be delivered, so I'm hoping Kimberly doesn't pop on here.  She's probably too busy getting ready for the party anyways!  :) 

And cookies to match...

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And check back often for updates on the shop.  You know how much I love posting pics.  If it's a go, I'll definitely take "in progress" pictures as we remodel! 

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