Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bakery Tour - Whipped Cupcakes

This is an adorable little bakery.  And the best part is, it's located right by the Delta Queen, which is the steamboat we like to stay on when we're in Chattanooga, so its within walking distance.   Well, most things are within walking distance for us when we're on vacation...that seems to be about all we do! 

They have a very cute seating area with this huge foam core cupcake on the wall.  And I love the hanging tissue paper balls.

My poor husband...he is SUCH a patient man.  When I got home and uploaded pictures, I realized that he's in a bunch of them, always ordering for me, so that I can look around.  I'm lucky he's such an amazing travel companion!  :)

The bakery case is pretty cute too.  They have plastic trays that have the perfect size circle cut into them so that the cupcakes stay nice and don't fall over.

Stop in tomorrow for another tour.  I think I have like five more to post.  I haven't been on a scale, but I'm assuming I need to start dieting off the cupcakes!!!  :)

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