Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bakery Tour - The Bread Basket

On our first full day in Chattanooga, we headed up the mountain to Signal Mountain.  My friend Sandie owns a cookie shop, so we stopped in there to say hello, then headed to The Bread Basket.  What a cool place!  The outside is incredibly beautiful.  (LOL..there's my hubby again, being dragged to another bakery!)

On our way down, we stopped at a cheese farm, did the tour, and bought some cheese varieties, so we definitely needed some bread to go with it.  The interior of the shop was just as beautiful as the outside.  The staff was friendly, and the bread was delicious!

I love the wicker rack they have with the different mini breads.  I would love to find something like that for the farmers market, so let me know if you happen to come across one!

'Til tomorrow....

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