Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bakery Tour - Chattanooga Cupcakes - my 2nd favorite!

This was my 2nd favorite cupcake place we visited in Chattanooga.  It's almost unheard of, but we actually went back for more cupcakes from this place.  The location's a quick walk from our boat, across the pedestrian bridge and into downtown.  If I haven't mentioned the pedestrian bridge yet, it's one of my very favorite features of Chattanooga.  I've always loved bridges anyways, but this is the longest pedestrian bridge in the country.  Here's a shot of it from the downtown side of the river.  You can see the Delta Queen docked underneath it, which is where we like to stay. 

Another shot of what the bridge looks like.  I took this picture for my mom, who actually introduced me to Chattanooga.  The crowd of people coming towards us is headed to the park to set up to watch the fireworks (which we got to watch from the deck of the boat, lucky us!).

Okay, one more for Mom.  This shot was taken on the pedestrian bridge, looking down into Coolidge Park, where everyone set up to watch the fireworks.  And you can see my boat, the Delta Queen, off to the left.  People started setting up tents and roping of their sections at like 10am. 

On to Chattanooga Cupcakes.  So we left our boat, walked across the pedestrian bridge and into downtown.  This is the side of the building, and I got so excited when I saw their adorable logo, that I never took a pic of the front.  Go figure.

And here's a close up of that adorable logo.  I just love how the cupcakes replace the two o's.  So cute!

And when we walked in, I was in heaven.  Honestly, it was a little bright for my tastes, but this was one happy, friendly cupcake place! 

The seating area was really cute as well.  Everywhere you looked there were, knick knacks on the ledges....everywhere!

The quality of their cupcakes blew me away.  And get this...the strawberry cupcake actually had strawberries in it!!!  The peach cobbler cupcake (Arnie's favorite) had peaches in it!  I know that should be normal, but its quite often not the case in alot of places we've visited.  My only complaint would be that there is ALOT of icing on those cupcakes, but I had no problem scooping off a bit from the top and enjoying the rest.

A must-do stop if you happen to be in Chattanooga....

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